Marc Meyer

Marc Meyer
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I was born in the Anderson Building at what is now Allegiance Hospital. I attended local schools, including college, and lived in Southern California for 10 years. I returned home in 1992 to be nearer family and friends. Whenever I traveled, the first thing I would do is look at Real Estate listings in the local paper. I was licensed as a Real Estate salesperson on February 3, 1994. I then received an Associates Broker license on June 13, 2002.

Originally I got my license because I liked houses and land so much. It didn’t take me long to figure out that it is NOT a good reason to become a REALTOR. In fact, I have taught Real Estate pre-licsenseure in the past, and that is one of the first things I say: Do not get your Real Estate license because you like houses. It is much more involved than that. You have to love to work with people, and I do. You have to love to have no schedule, and I do. You have to love to negotiate, and I do. You have to be honest and straight-forward, and I am. The bottom line is, you have to love the unknown. Every deal is different. Every buyer and every seller are different. Every lender is different. For me, that’s the fun of it. Plus, I have made so many great friends doing this job, that, really, it isn’t a job at all.

I live in an old church with my two dogs, Roxanne and Ted. I like to travel. A LOT. I like to cook, and baking is my specialty. I like to play tennis. I love my family, and they seem to think I’m pretty great, too. I like cars. I read all the time.

I have been doing this now for nearly 22 years. All of it full-time. I am on the multiple listing service every day, even when I am gone, thanks to technology. I love matching people with houses. The lean years were pretty lean. But, I am very thankful that I wasn’t able to find a “real job” durning the economic downturn. I had my best-ever January in 2015, and 2016 will be even better. I am well-suited to this life, and I cannot imagine doing anything else with it.

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761 W. Michigan Ave., Jackson, MI 49201